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Trouble Windows

OS-tan no sekai

5/2/05 02:51 am - ninja_setsuna

This is too cute!

Here is a gallery for male OS-tan pictures. http://musuko.sweet.ne.jp/

4/17/05 01:33 am - ninja_setsuna

I want to change the layout to look nicer. Which OS-tan should I use for the new layout? Please respond with your vote.

Also: http://nijiura.ath.cx/os/index.htm Please only post there if you can speak Japanese enough to make coherent sentences.

Longhorn, a seldom seen OS-tan

4/13/05 07:19 pm - brokenangelred - game system tans


4/6/05 07:24 pm - jimmymnemonic

  _  ∩
( ゚∀゚)彡 おっぱい!おっぱい!

3/29/05 12:39 pm - ninja_setsuna

Which OS-tan is this!?

Guess the name of this OS-tan to win a special OS-tan picture. ^^

3/21/05 05:48 pm - ninja_setsuna

Which OStan are you?

You are Windows Milennium Edition, sometimes known as Miserable Edition. You’re a complete spaz, and you know it, but somehow your cuteness and good nature have made you the most popular OS tan.

3/2/05 04:59 pm - ninja_setsuna

Nichirin no kagayaki o mune ni hime

2/23/05 01:51 pm - ninja_setsuna

XP-tan looking saucy!

2/16/05 12:46 pm - ninja_setsuna

I'll be uploading a OS-tan picture everyday. Feel free to do so yourself!

Now that's a good XP-tan cosplay!

2/15/05 07:15 pm - ninja_setsuna

I don't know if you visit the FUTABA  OS-tan image board, but I found this there.

Costumes aren't awful but I'd like to know where they learned about OS-tan.
Here are some more pictures. http://www.cosplay.com/privateshoots/category/C133/ o. o;
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