Shaye (ninja_setsuna) wrote in os__tan,

Norton cosplay! Suddenly I find Dr. Norton very sexy. Ara ara!

Poor ME-tan, so bored with her job. (She's looking at Burichan :O)

Way to kick ass ME-tan!

I don't know... what are your thoughts on these American cosplayers. Do they have the spirit or are they just into something they really know nothing about? (P.S. if this is you or you know who it is WE DEMAND AN EXPLAINATION!)

Not a bad XP-tan at all.

Awwwwww 98-tan, you're so cute!

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that XP-tan is just..whoaaa.
They're all so good, aside from the American ones...those girls(?) just irk me. >\
Yeah, I agree. I think what bugs me about the American ones is that they look somewhat half-assed.
Yea, the MEtan one isn't AS bad as the XPtan one, but it's still pretty awful. It also bugs me that they're doing those stupidass otaku poses and crap. I question if they actually think the OS girls are like from a real anime or something. gag. They seem...stupid? haha.
I also wondered where they heard of OS-tan. I found the ME-tan and XP-tan's info on, there really wasn't any info as to where they learned about OS-tan. I thought that some people may have seen the Trouble Windows flash and thought it was a real anime coming out (once a website thought the Kikkoman flashes were part of real commercials) so I just figured that's where they learnt of OS-tan. Of course, I'm still interested in finding out exactly where they learned of them.

I don't want to sound cruel, but the poses are pretty bad, in my opinion. But not a lot of people have good poses anyway.
Hmm, has anyone tried contacting them to ask? I'm kind of curious too...they probably don't know anything about the girls just "OMGGGG SHE IS SO TEH KAWAII!111!11one!" which unfortunentally is a big reason people cosplay certain chars. XP