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Trouble Windows

OS-tan no sekai

4/15/06 07:08 pm - djhide - paper model addicts


i hope this works its a 2k tan version of the last post

<3 win2k

oh yeah yay for my first post

1/23/06 02:23 pm - jimmymnemonic

MEtan pepakura

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

5/17/05 03:37 am - ninja_setsuna - Exciting news!

A hentai doujin about OS-tan is being offered through this website!


Also the Trouble Windows "official" artbook can be found to order here. (Be warned, sometimes they lose your order in shipping or some other way.)


5/17/05 03:13 am - ninja_setsuna

More cosplay!Collapse )

5/6/05 11:57 pm - ninja_setsuna

More cosplay!Collapse )

5/5/05 10:49 pm - ninja_setsuna

5/5/05 10:45 pm - ninja_setsuna

More cosplayers.

OS-tan cosplayCollapse )

5/5/05 01:57 am - heshootcocacola - Japanese 2k-tan cosplayer.

I found these on /s/ on 4chan. I don't know who the girl is. They're are two of them, and they're kind of big, file-size wise, because I wanted them to stay in good quality. So... anyway, they're under the cut:

The glasses are what do it for me...Collapse )

5/5/05 01:57 am - ninja_setsuna

In keeping with the layout change, here's XP-tan in a bathing suit. I want to make that suit and wear it myself, it's too cute!

5/2/05 04:04 pm - ninja_setsuna

Hello! I just changed the layout. I hope it fits a more summer-like attitude and I hope you all like it. ^^ I would love any suggestions you have to make the community a better place.

Here is the full picture I used. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v738/OS_TAN/me_tan01.jpg

ME-tan is too cute. ^^
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